BBQ Chicken Pizza

For our last meal of the week, we were given the Smoked Mozzarella and Cabbage Pizza. Seemed good enough for us, but we had some extra ingredients in the fridge we were looking to get rid of. The most pressing of these ingredients were chicken thighs. Not wanting to waste this protein, we decided to add them to the pizza and use some spicy BBQ sauce to create our version of a BBQ chicken pizza.


We cooked the thighs first, using a non stick pan and just a teaspoon or so of olive oil. We seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper and cooked them until they were browned on the outside and done on the inside. We then cut them into bite sized pieces and proceeded to follow the remaining steps of the recipe. We added the cut up chicken to the cabbage towards the end of its cooking for about 2 minutes and added just a bit of the BBQ Sauce.


For the dough, we added a thin layer of BBQ sauce before putting down the cabbage and chicken mixture. After the cabbage and chicken was spread all over the dough, we added the smoked mozzarella, which we grated instead of cut into cubes (i think it melts better this way) and then drizzled some more BBQ sauce over the top of the pizza. We cooked it in the oven per BA’s directions, and were really happy with the result.

Got any BA Hacks? Send us a note!


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