Shakshuka and Sausage

I don’t hate potatoes. They are great when mashed, roasted, au gratin, as a salad, and even fried when done correctly. What I don’t like are home fries, sometimes called country potatoes. This dish has become the preferred side dish for many breakfast entrees. It’s usually a heaping load of diced potatoes pan fried with salt and pepper. In general they are served lukewarm, soft, and altogether unappetizing. When did we make the switch from hash browns to home fries? Did we vote on this? Hash browns are clearly a better alternative, with that top crispy golden layer of goodness, followed by that soft starchy interior. But, I digress.

When I saw the ingredients for the Shakshuka provided by Blue Apron, I was disappointed about the potatoes. Basically, we are creating some home fries to act as the framework for the dish. No thank you. Having purchased a few sausages for breakfast a few days ago, I decided to substitute the sausages for the potatoes in this dish – so happy I did this. It came out very flavorful and delicious.


To start the dish, we removed the sausage casings and cooked them in our pan just as if they were the potatoes and then followed the recipe as it was written by Blue Apron. A real simple and easy substitution. I understand that the Shakshuka comes as a veggie option, and we intended to use it as a veggie option, but the home fries potatoes just was not going to happen for me, so we made the change.

What are your thoughts regarding home fries? Let us know by using our comments section here. Any other suggestions or hacks for us?


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