A Little Help from our Rice Cooker

We had planned for yesterday to be a bit of a long day,  and me and Mrs. BAHacker were going to be coming home later than usual. No sweat, we planned ahead and were able to enjoy our Chicken Stir Fry from last week (the meal we saved by freezing the chicken). I was pretty happy with the taste of the meal, but thought the cucumber salad was missing some flavor.


In order to shorten our cooking time, we prepped the vegetables a day in advance. We highly recommend doing this for anybody who tends to come home late. You can prep almost all the vegetables for each of your meals the day you receive your Blue Apron package. Spend a little time on the front end to cut down on time each night when you are cooking.

Additionally, we added last nights rice to a rice cooker, which really does all the cooking by itself. Best of all, when it is done the rice cooker has a ‘keep warm’ mode that it switches to once the rice has finished cooking. We set the rice cooker going a few hours before actually making the meal. It definitely saved us a lot of time last night, and we could not tell any difference in the taste of the rice. If you can, buy yourself a rice cooker, they are inexpensive and we use our all the time and it can certainly help shorten your cooking time during your Blue Apron experience.img_1381


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